It’s time to take action

The future of a healthy economy is dependent on healthy communities. With climate change being an imminent threat to human health, the trajectory of the economy is directly influenced by understanding and formulating proactive solutions to weather these storms. 

  • Health affects productivity
  • Health affects consumption
  • Health issues are disproportionately felt across communities

One of the main factors jeopardizing human health is climate change

Studies show that climate change could wipe out up to 18% of worldwide gross domestic product (GDP) by 2050 if global temperatures rise by 3.2°C. That’s a staggering statistic.

Get started

So how do we collectively combat climate change?

idea hub connects collaborative partners, such as your organization, with the largest team of researchers focused on Climate and Health initiatives in the world. This team leverages all the resources from Boston University’s School of Public Health, and together, we’ll work to create better health outcomes for all. 

Download our Center for Climate and Health program overview to learn more about the program and how your organization can help position a healthier economy—by fostering healthier, climate-resilient communities. Climate change will not wait, and nor should we! 

Because preparedness is key

As we learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, threats to human health and related impacts on the economy may surprise organizations that aren’t prepared. It’s time to transition away from reacting to history-changing events and adopt a proactive approach to climate change and public health.

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Help build proactive public health solutions

Collaborate with idea hub today! Together, we can answer the critical health questions that will impact your business and work with your community to become prepared. Be at the forefront of positive change.

Download our Center for Climate and Health program overview to establish how you can engage with these collective efforts and let’s get a conversation going.